Tuesday, January 14, 2014

in the rain.

Now the weather is bad , the rain made ​​the most places to be a disaster and I'm sorry for those affected by disasters like floods that hit capital city Jakarta . Erratic temperature makes our bodies shocked then , still wearing warm clothing for activities outside the home such as wearing a jacket that can warm our bodies .
I 've got some tips on how to dress comfortable when the weather is cold or rainy season .
first to jackets, parkas are currently the most popular because these jackets are very comfortable and warm and it is huge .
in the rain

sweaters are also the most widely used option in rainy season like now , many shops or online stores that sell cute sweater and stay warm . leather jacket , this jacket can certainly warm the body because made of leather , but this jacket is expensive so not many people use it but when we wear this jacket with any accessories or stuff would look cool , in my opinion of course hehe .
in the rain #3

second , after houndstooth motif tartans were in now , so many clothes or pants that use this motif .
Third beanie hat , a lot of online stores that sell these hats . and you can also requesting the text you want to write in your beanie .
guys wear a jacket when the weather is like this , keep warm and make your body does not hurt .
in the rain #2

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