Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 20th! :D

hmmmm ... kinda don't believe it is now already 20 years old. if people look  my posture I certainly don't believe because my body was small and very skinny. 
I don't think i will get surprise of anyone, and when I open the door turns college friends had gathered in my room and gave a little surprise. so surprised and happy, thankyou all : D

but when I opened the door my eyes searching for someone but he was not there: (I was thinking he was a present for me and I'm also thinking he might suddenly come out of the toilet but he still did not appear huftttt feel something's missing and empty in my birthday but I still grateful for what already god gave to me :)

my best friend never forgets to give a surprise for me. they always come to my house for give me a little surprise, and i don't surprised  haha. i love you debby and meidi, best friend i ever had, thankyou when i was sad and happy, you both always beside me <3 <3 

so many lessons in this year happy,sad,disappointed,someone,friends,togetherness and many more. yes essentially all the maturing process and make my self learning. don't ever give up no matter what happens in life! : D

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