Friday, October 7, 2011


26 june 2011, GAMAGUDABO (GABUNGAN MAHASISWA GUNADARMA BOGOR) held a blood donation at the event held every three months. this time the Force 2009 is held. This event in held so that we can learn to organize and of course the goal for the charity.
event which took place yesterday held in village empang, Bogor.

prior to our donors at blood pressure check and blood group

 cungs and amel
ouch does it hurt? I dunno because I didn't go donate my blood because my weight is less haha

blood stock that has been collected
after the donor will be given a meal to gain strong
 dinda, icha, amet, citra, bagus, and dunno who she is :p
rere, are you okay? erm this is really showing tired face and there was no passion haha

okay this time the event runs smoothly, the next generation in 2010 and it was my generation. hmmmm if my generation can do a show like this too well? see the next 3 months yeaaaaay !


  1. I really like your blog and I follow You now ;) I have a new blog, there are not any nice posts on it for now, but I would be so happy to get my first follower :)

  2. same with me i was envy with my friends who can do blood donation, because my weight is less too hihihi