Friday, June 17, 2011

photo session

Today meidi and Deby came to my house. we had been planning this from before. We already had plans to photographs in my room using the costumes.
theme party but would instead like this haha.
we already prepare from a far the day to purchase accessories that will be used later as a mask, clothes, candy: D
just want to use the balloon was not so, probably added if the balloon will be mor colourfull.
meidi should participate in this photo but she refused, so she's taking the pict



  1. you and your friend look cute on those photos :)

  2. you look so awsome dear :) and nice mask .

  3. your skirt is pretty cute :)

    i've followed yours, would you mind to follow me back?

  4. thanks peny, yess i'll follback your blog :)