Friday, June 10, 2011


With the development of electronic music that the more rapid anddiverse in the international music scene, making Dhydha (vocals),Adhe (guitar / controller), Gerry (guitar), Rayan (bass), and Dima(drums) agreed to create a form Backalley. The band that was formed over a love of European electronic music like Britain, and France,
With a booming bass, combined with guitar distortion, and sound -the sound typical electronics became common thread in their music, they served in an album titled Somewhere Someone.
Their debut album will contain 12 tracks, which outlines told aboutthe meaning of a life, where we have to keep running without looking back is already happening.
Advancing Best Regret as the first single, they hope to enliven thelocal music scene is increasingly diverse, with the debut of this album.

this my favorite song, you must listen :)

Somewhere Someone by Backalley

i know we can't be together
cause something we both know
i'll try to forget for anything that we had ever done
i feel you and the taste the cigarretes
what could i ever run
just tell me that never for a moment
you consider to leave
somewhere someone knows the word I sing
i've never knew it was possible
to miss someone like you
i've never knew it was possible
to give all my part of life
sometimes the lasting you want comes in first
sometimes the first thing you want never comes
in some other world, in some other time
could you have love me?
why don't we try to believe what we feel
so give me your hands i'll take you with me

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